Logistics Cargo Services

The main business of the company is highway general cargo transportation. At present, the company owns more than 100 vehicles in various types, and more than 300 reely deployable vehicles. It has 50 Cooperation lines, 28 main transportation lines, and high-quality round-trip vehicle resources, to achieve resource integration.The company has strict control over the goods sent to all parts of the country, and can deliver the goods to the customers in a timely and safe manner.

The headquarter of Xunjie Logistic is located at No. 36 Xixia Road, Wuxi High-tech Development Zone, adjacent to Beijing-Shanghai Expressway and National Highway 312, close to Wuxi Airport. On the basis of traditional logistics services, the company continues to develop and innovate, relying on advanced logistics facilities and modern Logistics Network Information Technology to better provide value-added logistics services for the majority of manufacturing enterprises.